According to Wikipedia Fathers Day is a celebration honoring fathers and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in society.

I feel frustrated at times as I sit on the couch with my husband as we watch a TV show. Mike asked me one day if I noticed how men are usually portrayed in the media? Now I can’t shake those words he said to me as I see it everywhere now. It seems society portrays men, especially dads as fumbling idiots who cant do anything right, or distant losers that cant connect with the family, or lazy dads being bugged by the wife and made fun of by the children. Basically society is dumbing down dads.

I’m not saying that Mr Clever was perfect, nor Mr Brady, but I’m confident that when most people my age  think of dads these two pop into our heads, or at least they do in mine. Later on in life, we had Mr Cosby in his awesome sweaters, as well as other family shows like Family Ties, Growing Pains, and Full House where families were getting through life together as a family, with dads holding kids accountable, teaching life lessons and being strong role models.. How did life take us from the dads represented in these shows to what we have now?

I just saw an article about a Huggies commercial. Here is what it said “To prove Huggies can handle just about anything, we put them to the toughest test imaginable: dads, alone with their babies, in one house, for five days.”

It seems as though TV and the media want men in general, whether they be husbands, boyfriends, dads, neighbors, friends, sons etc to be stupid and then have the “Im better than you” women point out all their flaws while rolling their eyes, as well as their children chiming in about how uncool “dad” is if he really is their dad, because that is a whole other issue.

How about the new bandwagon that came out recently about little girls not watching the”princess” movies. Dont get me wrong I dont think girls or women should live in a world where they cant take care of themselves or stand up for themselves etc but what makes a “Prince Charming” a bad thing? I don’t think there is a woman out there who wouldn’t want to be treated like a princess now and then, or know they are being kissed with true loves kiss every day, or have a royal dance in the kitchen, or have her Prince guard the castle and everyone in it, and have him teach her boys respect, responsibility, honor, and love, and teach her daughters to expect nothing less in a man or themselves.

I could go on on and on about men being put down, but instead I want to celebrate those that have not fallen and NEVER will fall into this new culture of “doofus” men and point out what some dads actually do. Some dads I know personally and others I know through tributes that I have been reading and listening to this week leading up to Fathers Day.

First of all SHAME on you Huggies. In the US there are 15 pregnancy related deaths per 100,000 births. So chances are for every 100,000 happy couples and new families 15 are left without a wife or a mother. So Huggies, what do these 15 new fathers do? My guess is that they are alone in the house with their new baby for longer than 5 days, while grieving, processing life’s tragedy vs life’s miracle, trying to make sense of what has been handed to them, all while changing diapers. Happy Fathers Day to these dads!

To the Dads serving in our military who have been away from their families, some not even meeting their child yet, fighting for freedoms that allow the media to make men look like fools. Happy Fathers Day to you!

To the Dads holding down the home-front on their own while their wives are serving in our military. Happy Fathers Day to you!

To the children and the wives that have lost their husbands and dads because they have fought in our military, let’s remember them on this Fathers Day and to those men filling in as role models for them. Happy Fathers Day!

To all the men who will be celebrating their first Fathers Day may this be a small step to all the future celebrations you will share with your child. Happy Fathers Day to you!

To all the men finding out they are going to be a father. Happy Fathers Day to you!

To all of those that no longer have their father here on earth anymore may you take time to remember the love they had for you, the memories they made for you, and the life lessons that they taught you. Happy Fathers Day to them!

To all the men that have lost their child, in hopes that the memories fill your heart. Happy Fathers Day!

To the dads of divorce that wear many hats, taking care of sons and daughters every other week, and being put down by the ex on how they do it. Happy Fathers Day to you!

To the dads walking their daughters down the aisle to their Prince this past year, or the dads of the Prince, Happy Fathers Day to you!

To the dads whose children are growing up, and striking out on their own in life, Happy Fathers Day to you!

To the dads who have struggled with the loss of their wife, to raise their beautiful children on their own through those tough teenage years, Happy Fathers Day to you!

To the dads who are now great grandpas, grandpas and great uncles and can double dip on the day of celebration, Happy Fathers Day to you!

To the dads that kiss their wife goodbye as she heads to work, then make the school lunches, put up a wicked pony tail and hair clips on their daughter, get the kids off to school, work all day, then run the carpool to ballet classes, coach the football team, and is lucky to have a wife that appreciates him. Happy Fathers Day to you!

To the men that are in tough marriages and are not appreciated, and still do all they can for their family without acknowledgement or a thank you, Happy Fathers Day to you!

To the men who are dads to those with special needs. Your support to your wife, your children and the challenge you bring to the cause, Happy Fathers Day to you!




To my brothers Ronnie and Danny you are amazing dads. Ronnie not only are you a dad to two beautiful girls you took on the role of step dad to two little boys many years ago. Danny you too are a dad to a beautiful daughter and a son. You are also a grandpa to a beautiful grandson. You both have taken on roles of coaches and became father figures to those that had no dads. I hope you continue to love, teach, and guide the kids in your life no matter how old they get! Happy Fathers Day to two boys that cant fill shoes but can walk the same path! I love you!


DSC_0071 (2)  2011-12-25 07.57.13         10007428_667412953315370_1124208587_n   10298949_10152439144322290_6371850932235103618_n936311_4909757184128_1676538637_n10401457_10152439144932290_538609666726917669_n

To my husband Mike, you fill the father and step father shoes. Although your road with these three kids is challenging, and adding  more gray in  your beard, you never throw in the towel or give up on any of them. You are a man with a lot of love to share, guidance to give, and the patience of a saint. You want the best for these three kids and will do anything in your power to make it happen. At some point, I know all three will thank you for what you bring and have brought into their lives. I know I see an amazing man, father, step father and son. I love you and thank you.





To my dad, where do I start? The father of three, step dad to two and filling the role of dad/uncle/grandad to those family members that lost their fathers too soon, and you’re a granddad to our children. Talk about wearing different hats. Like most relationships we have all had our ups and our downs but in the end we are family and it all comes around. I was watching a video today that I will post and it made me think just how many times I have called you in life. Whether I was a child and called you for help, a teenager calling for help, a grownup calling for help, a single woman calling for help, a single mom calling for help, or a happily married woman calling for help, you ALWAYS have an answer. A few calls come to mind… when i was little and the nurse started wheeling me down the hospital hall to have my tonsils out and I started crying for you and I wouldn’t let go of your neck, when I called to tell you my friend was killed by a drunk driver and died, when I called from my hike to ask what to do as I noticed a coyote lying in the grass staring at an off leash Nate and you said “are you sure there is only one?” only to notice there were a couple on the hill lying there watching, and so many more calls. Some I don’t want to share on here because some are not for the world to know but you and I know what they have been. From the first day of my separation, through my divorce, through my child raising and my marriage to Mike you called me every day just to check on me. You usually got an earful of everything in my life, but you always had advice for the earful. I hope there are many more years of picking up the phone and calling. Your advice, your humor, your love, your worry, none of it goes unnoticed. I love you dad, and I wish you a Happy Fathers Day!


Kuddos to Dove showing us the men that will NEVER fall into the “doofus” role!




I hope some day all dads step up for their children and not fall to what the media wants you to be.



2 thoughts on “~HAPPY FATHERS DAY~

  1. You could not have said this any better if you tried. Absolutely, perfectly awesome. Happy Father’s Day to all!

  2. Reblogged this on Jan Verhoeff and commented:
    Another amazing FATHER’s Day article from another good friend who says what needs to be said. I fully agree with this… So many times fathers are portrayed as bumbling macho men who don’t connect well with their families by the media, where our children often learn and find role models. Now, when children need role models like Bill Cosby, Mike Brady and Ward Cleaver, we have commercials such as the Huggies commercial, portraying Dads as bumbling fools who can’t change diapers… There are enough of those around, without highlighting their lack of effort in the media. Read this and see if you can’t find better role models for your children, too.

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